Anti-Rotation Device

Introducing the Industry Leading Anti-Rotation Device!

CED is excited to partner with the manufacturing of a brand new and innovative product that will meet ANSI codes for restricting the rotation of wire rope on installed suspension cable shackles. ANSI safety code A2.20.9.8 states that “means shall be provided to prevent the rotation of the suspension cable without restricting their movement horizontally or vertically.”

Before the ARD. there has not been a standard or safe means to prevent wire rope from rotating. With this product newly on the market, it is sure to revolutionize the way this task is completed saving you time and money while keeping your workers safe. Stronger, more reliable, and much safer than current methods. Call today for more details and availability.

NEW ARD-M20 Elevator Anti-Rotation Solution
Previous Elevator Anti-Rotation Solution
Elevator Anti-Rotation Device