With almost 100 years of combined experience in the Elevator business, our sales team understands the parts you need, and the speed required to keep YOUR team working.


Gordon Wege – Manager-Long Beach, CA |Grand Prairie, TX |Columbia, MD |Enfield, CT
Mauricio Camacho – Operations Supervisor – Grand Prairie, TX
Ryan Snow – Operations Supervisor – Columbia, MD


Barney Bickar – Purchasing – Long Beach, CA
Bob Garrison – Modernization and Construction
Vickie Guthrie – Modernization and Construction
Julio Howe – Purchasing – Enfield, CT
Jonathan Huck – Control and Repair
Brandi McAuley – Purchasing – Long Beach, CA
Shea Nolan – Project Management
Evan Schubert – Operations Manager – Long Beach, CA
Barney Sloat – Operations Manager – Enfield, CT
Kevin Techmeier – Modernization, Construction and Repair
Ron Throckmorton – Value Engineering and Control


Brooke Borg – Account Manager
Brian Gaa – Account Manager
Josh Peeler – OEM Account Manager